10 great gifts for the energy conserver in your life

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Do you know somebody who loves to save money by dialing down the thermostat for a lower electric bill or combining trips to save gas when they’re out running errands?

Maybe that somebody is you! If so, there shouldn’t be any shame in your game; we all love to save a buck around here! In fact, we love this lifestyle so much that — in addition to our recent piece about 10 great gifts for that frugal person in your life — we’re offering this guide to help you shop for your favorite energy conserver this holiday season.

But we wanted to come up with a list that goes beyond just the usual suspects like a smart thermostat and LED light bulbs! So we’ve included unique gift ideas like solar-powered decorative Mason jar lights, turn signal gloves for bicyclists and much more.

Happy shopping!

These gifts are sure to appeal to your energy-frugal friends

Neurio home energy monitor for $190.16

Just hook this monitoring system up to your home’s breaker panel and get detailed energy data that can be used to reduce energy usage, monitor solar performance and plan for future storage needs. Compare to $219.99 at Walmart.

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TrickleStar power strip for $19.50

This smart power strip lowers your electric bill by intelligently sensing which electronics are not in use and automatically turning them off! Compare to $24.99 on Lightbulbs.com.

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M-D Draft Buster brown cloth/foam door and window seal for $4.99

This makes a great stocking stuffer for the energy penny-pincher in your life! Measures 3 ft. L x 3-11/32 in. Compare to $9.99 at Ace Hardware.

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Solar-powered Mason jar LED nightlight for $11.45

Combines a rustic, country allure with modern technology! Compare to $15.74 at MechanicsSurplus for the lid only (no jar).

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Zackees turn signal gloves from $69.95

Know someone who loves biking to save money? These 4.1-out-of-5-star gloves are perfect for use in low-light conditions! Compare to $74.95 at the manufacturer’s website.

Meanwhile, these turn signal gloves for less than half the price may also warrant a look — but note that there are no customer reviews of them just yet.

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Universal battery tester for $7.98

Don’t waste money throwing away batteries that aren’t fully drained! Works for AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt batteries.

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$5 blankets

You can’t beat the price on these $5 blankets from Five Below! And they’ll prevent you from turning up the thermostat during a long, cold winter.

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Solar powered phone charger for $14.99

Works great for smartphone and tablets, too! Compare to $20.93 on eBay.

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Thermostat guard with lock for $14.69

Keep your thermostat on lock down and prevent prying fingers from driving up your heating and cooling bill all year long!

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Black + Decker TLD100 thermal leak detector for $34.14

Uses infrared sensors to detect air leaks in your home that can be sealed for extra energy savings!

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