12 cold weather items that will make any wintery day better

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We are not at the end of winter weather yet; even though spring is a month away, large parts of the country will be chilly for some time to come!

We’ve come up with a list of items that can help you weather the winter temps. Some are practical enough to keep you warm and some will lift your spirits when it is dreary outside. Whether you are already warming up and can gather good ideas and deals for next season, or if you have a month or two to go, these ideas will come in handy. Always be sure to comparison shop to find the best deal for your budget!

Heated clothing

You can find a wide selection of socks, gloves, vests, scarves, hoodies and coats that have battery-powered heat to give you an extra layer of comfort. The pictured vest is $39.99, but prices generally range from $18-$150.

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You can be stuck without electricity wherever you live, and a generator can come to the rescue! Whether it’s a whole house generator or one that can keep your fridge running and a space heater heating, having one on hand is a great idea. The pictured generator rings in at $389.87, but prices range greatly depending on your need. The Home Depot often has deals on generators for its deal of the day!

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Heated blankets

Nothing like extra warmth on a cold day! Prices average around $60 at Amazon.  Also check out blankets you can plug into the car!

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Humidifiers can help conquer that dry heat and improve your health! Prices start around $30.

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Sun lamps

If you have the blues, therapy lamps can help wipe them away! An affordable cure for those gray days; prices start around $25.

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Indoor plants

Indoor plants will improve your air quality and your spirits! Prices start around $9 at Amazon.

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Hand cream

Keeping your hands moisturized is essential! Stock up on good hand cream to prevent painful dry hands.

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Beverage warmer

If you have kids or busy mornings, keeping your drinks warm can be a challenge. Drink warmers can help! They start around $10 at Amazon.

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Espresso machine

Invest in a great coffee maker and you can pamper yourself at home with delicious coffee concoctions! Prices start around $100 for a good machine.

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Aromatherapy can do wonders for the senses; invest in a candle or some essential oils and breathe in some happy thoughts!

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Infrared Saunas

Saunas are amazing for your health. They are an investment, but a good one! You can use them year round but they are delightful in winter. Costco often has deals on saunas, but you might be able to also score a deal at a different reputable seller online.

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Indoor string lights

String lights aren’t only for holidays! Keep them up inside during the winter months and the cozy factor will stick around.

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