The best gifts for book lovers

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While a book might be the number one gift for a book lover, there are a ton of unique and creative book-related gifts out there! From the cozy gifts to the more practical, we’ve rounded up a list of budget-friendly gifts your favorite bookworm is sure to love. These gifts for book lovers can stand alone or be paired with their most anticipated new release or a favorite book you’ve read this year!

Be sure to make note of shipping times if you need these items to arrive for the holidays. In-store pickup is also a great option when available!

Great gifts for people who love to read

The Book Lover’s Journal

This journal allows you to record and rate books so you can look back and recall your reading experience! It has space for up to 67 books and features lists of books to inspire future reading. This item can be found for around $13 on Amazon. Reading journals are also available in-store at Barns & Noble.

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Reading bed pillow

Help make their reading space extra comfortable with this back support pillow. There are many different colors and options starting around $18.

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100 Books scratch-off poster

Here’s a gift that’s great for encouraging someone to read. Read your way through 100 iconic books! As you do, scratch off the title to reveal the literary artwork underneath. Note, the kid’s version is currently sold out, however, the regular version is still available. See the list of 100 books here.

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Book of the Month subscription

Choose from five top book picks each month! Subscriptions start at $49.99 for 3-months.

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Floating bookshelf set

This is an eyecatching and unique way to display all the books they’ve read so far. The shelf becomes invisible once stacked with books giving it a minimal and sleek look. Find a 3-pack for around $30 on Amazon. This time can also be purchased in-store at The Container Store for $14.99 each.

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Custom bookmarks

A bookmark is a great gift for the booklover who wants to keep their books in perfect condition. These options are customizable to make the gift even more personal!

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Book darts

These book darts are great for marking your favorite quotes without actually writing on the pages. Find them staring at $9 on Amazon.

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Teak bathtub caddy

Take reading and relaxation to the next level with this bathtub caddy. It features an adjustable book holder and compartments for toiletries and a stemmed wine glass.

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Tablet or eReader

Amazon has a variety of tablets and eReaders starting at just $39.99. This are great to pair with the Kindle Unlimited app for access to over 1 million books, audiobooks and magazines.

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Heated throw blanket

This heated throw helps you stay warm while cozying up with your favorite read! Find heated throws starting at $19.99 at Big Lots. They can also be found at a variety of retailers for under $30.

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I Am Reading socks

These socks make a great stocking stuffer!

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Coffee and a Classic monthly subscription

This subscription, starting at $41.99, lets you choose a classic book, something to sip on and two Bookish items. You can also upgrade to the standard classic subscription for $51.99. This box includes everything in the starter box plus a coffee mug and snacks.

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Personalized book stamp

Add a special touch to their favorite books with this personalized stamp. It’s the perfect small size to give as a stocking stuffer. It can also be used to stamp envelopes, cards and fabrics.

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Literary stationery

This set features 20 different book stacks by award-winning illustrator Jane Mount. They make great blank cards for any occasion with a card for every booklover’s tastes.

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Ceramic book vase

Add literary charm to any room with this small book-shaped vase. Use it for pens, pencils or other tools. You can even use as a flower vase.

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